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Corner Bookmark DIY

Corner Bookmarks – DIY

Here is a simple technique to make corner bookmarks using card stock. These corner bookmarks are quite useful and they look cute too!

You can make unique bookmarks in different designs using this method. Bookmarks make good giveaways too. You can customize these to suit different occasions.

Corner Bookmark DIY

How To:

Step 1:

Start with a square piece of card stock. Draw horizontal and vertical lines as shown.

Step 2:

Next would be to draw lines joining the north axis and the west – then the east and south.

Step 3:

Cut along the lines draw to get this shape.

Step 4:

Fold along the v shaped lines drawn.

Step 5:

Fold down one flap and flatten.

Step 6:

Apply some glue on the flap you’ve folded.

Step 7:

Now fold down the other flap and press.

Step 8:

Now for embellishments and designs as you please. Mine was a simple kolam design and borders hand drawn using black pen and then a piece of lace is attached.

CornerBookMark tutorial

Such corner bookmarks can be made using the technique of origami too. An up-cycled bookmark made out of wrapping paper and its tutorial is shared here.

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