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Origami Cup Cake

3D Origami Cup Cake

For my cousin’s birthday this year, I decided to make a cute cup cake which she probably can not eat, but that which she can keep safely without having to refrigerate it.

Glimpse of the Cup Cake:

How To:

Ingredients for the cake:

  • 120 triangles in Brown color (for the cup cake paper liner)
  • 80 triangles (for the cake)
  • Piece of sponge or cotton.
The procedure for making each triangular unit is given here.

Step 1:

Take two brown units.

Step 2:

To each unit of Row 1, we will insert two units to form Row 2. The row 1 units will be connected to each other using these units and are hence referred to as connector units.

Step 3:

Keep making such units to form a ring.

Step 4:

When you are done making the first ring, you would have used up 20 units for Row 1 and equal number of connector units for Row 2.

Step 5:

Keep adding rows till you have a total of 6 rows.

Step 6:

Invert the model and shape upwards as shown.

Step 7:

Add white units. While adding the units add them along the corner so that the white units look bigger.

Step 7:

Finish one such row of white units.

Step 8:

Add three more rows of white.

Top view of the model at this point:

Step 9:

Roll up a piece of red color sponge and glue it on top….

… to finish the cake.

Origami Cup Cake

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