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TearDrop Bunch Earrings

Teardrop Bunch Pattern Quilled Earring

Here are the quilled earrings I made drawing inspiration from a bunch of grapes. These are made using quilled pieces of teardrop pattern and tight coils.

Glimpse of the Earrings:

TearDrop Bunch EarringsHow To:

Step 1:

Loose coils of the same size are quilled. Five pieces are used for each earring.

Step 2:

Each coil is shaped in the form of a tear drop by pressing at one point in the coil.

Step 3:

A tight coil in two shades is quilled. One coil for each earring.

Step 4:

The teardrops are attached to the tight coil in the fashion shown below.

Step 5:

A loop is attached at the top using glue to insert the jump ring.

Step 6:

Now the jump rings and earring hooks are attached.

TearDrop Bunch Earrings

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