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Tulasi Kolam

Tulasi Madam Kolam

The Tulasi Madam as it is called is a sacred spot in the house where the Tulsi plant is kept in a rectangular pot like structure. The plant is considered sacred and is worshiped with pujas and rituals performed.

During auspicious occasions, Tulasi madam kolam is drawn in houses. Here are a few simple to complex Tulasi madam kolam designs.

The dots are clear in the kolams, so I haven’t mentioned specifically about the number of dots.

Kolam 1:

Tulasi Kolam

The good thing about these type of kolams (muggulu) is that, once you’ve placed the even symmetric dots, more than half the work is done. Drawing the kolam around the dots is simpler and there is no way it can go wrong.

Kolam 2:


Kolam 3:

The following kolams are a little more complex. Also, these might require a bigger space to be drawn.

Tulsi Kolam 3

Kolam 4:

Tulsi Kolam

Kolam 5:

Tulsi Kolam5

For auspicious occasions and during the season of Margazhi, these kolams can be drawn. Semmann (Red Sand) can be used for adding charm to the kolams.

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