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Christmas Wreath Making

Tissue Paper Christmas Wreath – DIY

Here is a simple wreath making craft which kids could do for Christmas.

Glimpse of the Result:

ChristmasWreathcraftStep 1:

Start out by cutting out a piece of cardboard or construction paper like a ring of the required size and thickness.

Step 2:

Cut out a strip of tissue paper with a thickness of about an inch and length of about 10″.

Step 3:

Crumple up the strip.

Step 4:

Glue these crumpled up strips on to the construction paper.

Step 5:

Paste along the whole ring, I’ve left a part out to bring in some color to the wreath.

Step 6:

You can paste a few pieces of lighter or darker shade of green.

Step 7:

I then made a few carnation tissue flowers. You can see how to make this pretty flowers here.

Step 8:

Just allow the glue to dry and you’ve got a pretty wreath for Christmas. Tie a bow at the top and hang it.

Christmas Wreath Making

The similar technique can be used to make many other crafts to decorate your home for different occasions.

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