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Reindeer Christmas Tree Ornament

Reindeer Christmas Tree Ornament

I’ve started making ornaments for this Christmas, so far it was felt bird ornaments and then we made pearl snowflake ones and a couple of them using the origami technique. Now, its a reindeer glittering reindeer ornaments using cardboard and glitter.

When I started off, the idea was to make a full silver dust reindeer – and then when I looked at the Crafty JC Challenge for this month with the theme Pick Your Palette, I decided to make my reindeer equipped to enter the contest. So here he is, the yellow gold, blue and red reindeer to decorate your Christmas tree.

Glimpse of the Ornament:

Reindeer Christmas Tree Ornament

How To:

Step 1:

Trace or print out a reindeer design of choice.

Step 2:

Paste this on a piece of cardboard and cut out along the outline.

Step 3:

Paste a sheet of yellow gold paper on the cut out piece evenly and allow to dry. Then cut out the extra gold sheet along the outline.


Step 4:

Start by using red and blue sparkle glue as shown.

Step 5:

Now paste yellow rhinestones for the body of the reindeer.

Step 6:

Yellow glitter for the complete body outline.

Step 7:

The finishing touch using red glitter and rhinestones.

Reindeer Christmas Tree Ornament

Attach a hoop and hang it.

I just realized that this craft qualifies for the latest Heart Song Inspirations’ Gold or Glitter Challenge too!

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