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Origami Christmas Tree Embellishment

Christmas Tree Card Embellishment

A Christmas tree card can be done in a simpler fashion using this Christmas tree embellishment made using the technique of Origami.

Glimpse of the Embellishment:

How To:

Step 1:

Take a square piece of paper. We will need 4 to 5 such square pieces for one tree. The biggest piece can be about 3 inches and you can reduce the size by half an inch for every other piece. In other words you will need four pieces of paper of sizes 3″, 2.5″, 2″ and 1.5″.

Step 2:

Fold the piece in half like a triangle.

Step 3:

Fold this again in half.

Step 4:


Step 5:

Squash as shown.

Step 6:

Press and flatten.

Step 7:

Bring the two corners of the top flap downwards to the center crease and flatten.

Step 8:

Repeat steps 1 to 7 for the other pieces of paper.

Step 9:

Now paste these aligned in a fashion to form a Christmas tree structure. You can paste a small strip of paper for the trunk of the tree.

Origami Christmas Tree Embellishment

Glue it on to the card and start decorating your card right away. These embellishments can be used to make colorful handmade cards or for decorating gift wraps for the Holiday Season. Here is a handmade card made using the tree embellishment.

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