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Christmas Nail Art

Nail Art Designs for Christmas

Nail art designs give you the party look, the festive look and the funky look. You just have to decide what is it that you want.

Design 1:

If you’re planning to do the designs yourself, then go ahead and experiment, improvise on any design that captures your attention.

Christmas Nail Art

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Design 2:

Before you start putting on the designs for Christmas, make sure you have red and green nail polish, glitter colors and a design in mind.

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Design 3:

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Design 4:

These designs would be good point to spur off your creativity this holiday season.

Christmas Nail Design

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Acrylic Nails Set:

And for the ‘last minuters’ …. acrylic nails to the rescue.

Christmas Acrylic Nails

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To know how to set these acrylic nails, check this out.

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