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Jester Hat

Make a Jester Hat

Here is how you can make a jester hat for kids using construction paper.Glimpse of the Result:

Jester Hat

How To:

Step 1:

We will start by making the headband for the hat. Cut out a strip of construction paper.

Step 2:

Paint the paper in a suitable color and allow it to dry.

Step 3:

Cut out eight to ten triangles of similar size.

Step 4:

Color the triangles in different colors and allow them to dry.

Step 5:

Apply glue on the headband strip.

Step 6:

Attach all the triangles on strip one by one.

Step 7:

Join the ends of the headband together.

Bend the triangles outwards.

Step 8:

Now you can paste plastic gems at the ends of the triangles and on the headband to finish the hat.

Jester Hat

You can attach a string at the end to make the hat adjustable.

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