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Pilgrim Hat Craft

How to Make a Pilgrim Hat – Thanksgiving Craft

Here is how kids can make a Pilgrim Hat using construction paper for Thanksgiving. Minimal adult supervision could be required.

Glimpse of the Pilgrim Hat:

Pilgrim Hat

How To:

Step 1:

Take a sheet of black construction paper and draw two circles for the brim of the hat. The diameter of the inner circle has to be suitable for the kid’s head. So draw it accordingly.

Step 2:

Now cut out along the outer circle.

Step 3:

Next would be to cut out the inner circle. We will call the small piece as Piece A and the ring like piece as Piece B. Keep the pieces aside – we will be using them a little later.

Step 4:

Now take a rectangular sheet of black construction/chart paper and roll it like a partial cone. Only that this cone would have an opening at the top. The circumference of the bottom part has to match the inner diameter of  Piece B. Use glue to secure the structure.

Step 5:

Take Piece A and cut along the edges, the depth of each cut can be about an inch.

Step 6:

Fold these strips downward.

Step 7:

Insert this piece at the top of the conical structure we made in Step 4 and glue it.

Step 8:

Take a rectangular piece of yellow construction paper and cut it out like a buckle.

Step 9:

Fold a rectangular sheet of white paper like a strip. Make two-to three folds to get the strip. The width of the strip should be suitable for inserting in the buckle made.

Step 10:

Insert the strip in the buckle.

Step 11:

Glue this strip as shown.

Step 11:

Now attach the brim. The procedure of attaching would be similar to how we closed the opening at the top of the hat. You can alternatively apply white adhesive to the brim and attach it too.

Pilgrim Hat Craft

You have a pilgrim hat for thanksgiving.

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