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Make a Kusudama Ball

How to Make a Venus Kusudama

There are many variations of a Japanese paper ball, here is one such variation – Venus Kusudama which is made using units of four petal flowers. 

Glimpse of the Kusudama

Venus Kusudama

How To:

Step 1:

Take a square sheet of paper. Start with colored side down.


Step 2:

Fold the sheet along the diagonal in half like a triangle.


Step 3:

Fold again in half.


Step 4:

Open the top flap.


Step 5:



Step 6:

Flip and repeat the above two steps for the other side.


Step 7:

Open up the top flap, fold it along a diagonal and flatten at the center.


Step 8:

Repeat the above step for the other three sides.


Step 9:

Flip to the side with one color. You will have four such sides.


Step 10:

Fold by bringing the sides to the center crease.


Step 11:

Repeat the above step for the other three sides.


Step 12:

Lift the bottom part of the top flap upwards and press to flatten and make a crease.


Step 13:

Open up all the folds slowly. You would have the required creases – since these creases are important for the unit to shape up neatly, make sure the crease are made well when fold.


Step 14:

You would now have four diagonal creases. Fold it inwards along the diagonal as shown.


Step 15:

Fold the flap downwards.


Step 16:

Repeat steps 14 and 15 for the remaining three diagonals. We have a pretty flower like unit here.


Step 17:

Make around 45 such flower units for making a ball.


Step 18:

Glue one unit with another as shown. Gluing the units together would be quite easy for this model. There are many models where this is actually the difficult part.


Once you glue all the units together, you will have a colorful Japanese paper ball ready to be hung…

Paper Ball

This is one of the traditional paper models you could give a shot and even put up as a decor with rhinestones at the center of each unit maybe?!

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