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Diya Decor

Diya Decoration for Karthigai

Since the diya decoration I had made for Diwali had such good response both from my friends and relatives as well as from my visitors, I made another batch of diyas for Karthigai.

Glimpse of a Few Decorated Diyas:

Diya Decoration

Diya Decoration Tutorial:

Step 1:

Take a set of diyas and wash them to clean impurities. I bought different types of designed diyas so that the decorations stand out well.

Step 2:

Each diya is painted in multiple shades of metallic acrylic color.

Step 3:

Make designs using glitter glue of contrast colors.

Step 4:

Allow the glitter to dry and then paste rhinestones wherever suitable.

Now apply a coat of clear varnish to protect the paint. Allow the varnish to dry well. The varnish will give an added shine to the diya.

A few other designs made:

Light these decorated diyas in and around your homes.

Diya decoration collection

There might be a little discoloration of the paint because of the heat, but not much since we’ve applied a coat of varnish.

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