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Origami Christmas Tree Ornament

Origami Christmas Tree Ornament

One of the simplest yet cute origami ornament you can make is a Christmas tree. For those of you who’ve done complex 3D origami structures, this would be a child’s play. Let’s get started with the Christmas tree ornament…

Glimpse of the Result:

Origami Christmas Tree Ornament

How to make an Origami Christmas Tree Ornament:

Step 1:

Take a small rectangular piece of paper.


Step 2:

Fold this paper in half making a horizontal fold.


Step 3:

Fold downwards along the center of the rectangle starting from the top right. Repeat this step for the top left as well.


Step 4:

Flip the paper and snip off the edges in a diagonal manner as shown.


Step 5:

Lift the bottom part and fold it upwards.

Ornament5Step 6:

Fold the model inwards in half.


Step 7:

Make a total of six such triangular units. Use the same size piece of paper for each unit.


Step 8:

Insert one piece into the other as shown. Every alternate unit will point to the opposite direction.


Step 9:

Keep inserting all the six units to get the Christmas tree structure. It does look like a tree doesn’t it?!


Step 10:

For the trunk of the tree, use a square piece of paper of size that would be appropriate for the tree and fold all the edges towards the center.


Step 11:

Now again bring three of its edges towards the center.


Step 12:

Fold the piece in half along its length.

Step 13:

Insert this trunk piece into the pocket of the last green piece.


Step 14:

Attach a loop at the top of the tree to hang the ornament. Use adhesive to attach the loop. I’ve made a loop out of a piece of metal string and glued it on here.


Step 15:

You can now use rhinestones, plastic gems, beads, sequins or pieces of shiny color paper to decorate your tree ornament. I’ve used rhinestones because those are my favorite and were readily available!

Origami Christmas Tree Ornament

Now you can hang this mini Christmas tree in your Christmas tree!!

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