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Felt Book Covers

Making Felt Book Cover

Felt is a great material for making different craft experiments starting from the simplest pattern to moderately difficult projects. A felt book cover is definitely a suitable project for beginners.

Glimpse of the Result:

Felt Book Covers

How To:

Step 1:

Start by cutting out a piece of thin felt (or alternatively velvet cloth) as per the size of the book you would like to cover.

Step 2:

Now cut two rectangular strips for the the inside sockets.

Step 3:

This is an optional step where you can add a contrasting color to the inside socket strips.

Step 4:

Stitch the inside socket strips to the felt base cloth.

Step 5:

Make uniform stitches along the edges across.

Step 6:

Now for the embellishments… You can make velvet flowers or any other design you please in a suitable color. The tutorial for making the flowers shown below can be found here.

Step 7:

You can add leaves, stem, creepers or any other design as you please. The thread used for sewing can be in contrast colors to make the stitches visible.

Step 8:

More flowers and leaves…more color.

Step 9:

If you really can’t keep your hands off rhinestones, then go ahead.. I couldn’t resist from placing my initial. Use a suitable fabric glue.

Felt Book Covers

Your books would sure be happy with these soft and comfortable felt covers.


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