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Making a Bridal Rose Bouquet using Crepe Paper

Crepe or Duplex paper is so flexible that you can make any realistic looking flower quite easily. Rose flowers for a bridal bouquet can be made using the steps outlined here.

Glimpse of the Result:


How To:

Step 1:

Cut out a long strip of crepe or duplex paper. The length of the strip can be 15 inches and the width can be 2.5 to 3 inches.

Step 2:

Fold the strip in half along its width.

Step 3:

Now start gathering the strip to make uniform fan fold like creases. You can use a thread and needle to gather the strip.

Step 4:

Step 5:

Once the complete strip is folded as shown, start wrapping it around a metal string. Use some glue at the start.

Step 6:

Wrap the whole strip, make the wrap loose at times. As you go on you will get a neat rose with rich petals.

Make Crepe rose

Step 7:

Now use floral tape or green crepe paper to wrap around the stem.

Step 8:

Make 20 to 30 roses to make a bridal bouquet.

Step 9:

Now hold these together and arrange them neatly. Secure the shapely rose bouquet using a string.

Step 10:

Cut the stem at the bottom to get even ends.

Step 11:

You’ve got a pretty bridal bouquet ready. Wrap a satin ribbon of a suitable color for a finishing touch.

Bridal Rose Bouquet

These roses can be arranged in a glass vase to make any place colorful and charming.

Make Crepe Roses


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