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Jizo Charm

Jizo Sculpture using Polymer Clay

Jizo Botatsu or ‘Jizo’ as affectionately called is one of the most favorite deities of Japan. This deity is actually a monk who is believed to alleviate one’s suffering and bring peace.

Glimpse of the Charm:

Jizo Charm

Here is a small DIY tutorial to make a Jizo charm.

Start by taking a fair amount of Polymer clay. Shape it to make the overall figure for the sculpture and then make indents/shapes as needed.

Insert a small loop at the top before the clay hardens.

You will have to bake the model as per instructions so that it hardens.

Paint using metallic acrylic colors of your choice. Apply a coat of clear varnish once the paint is dry.

Polymer Clay Jizo Charm

A cute Jizo charm is your possession. May he alleviate sorrows bring all the peace and happiness in the world for you!

Note : If Polymer clay is used, it has to be baked so that the model hardens. If it is M Seal or Fevicryl Hobby clay, then it will air dry and harden.

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