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Origami Swan

Fold Origami Swan

The origami swan is one of the simple origami models one can make.

Glimpse of the Result:

Origami Swan

Step 1:

Take a square sheet of paper and fold it in half along the diagonal to make a crease.

Step 2:

Unfold and bring the sides towards the center crease made.

Step 3:

Bring one side and fold it beyond the center.

Step 4:

Make a fold again by making an outward fold with uniform edge. You now have a double fold

Step 5:

Repeat the above two steps for the other side.

Step 6:

Step 7:

Lift the bottom and fold it upwards.

Step 8:

Press to make a crease and now you have the base model.

Step 9:

Fold the tip to make a head structure for the swan.

Step 10:

Make a fold at the corner of the body of the swan for a tail like structure.

Origami Swan


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