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Duplex Plumeria Flowers

Crepe (or Duplex) Plumeria Flowers

These Plumeria flowers can be made using crepe or duplex paper. The method of making the flowers is similar to the hibiscus DIY tutorial using the single petal method.

Glimpse of the Result:

Duplex Plumeria Flowers

For this you will need:

  1. White crepe or duplex paper
  2. Yellow acrylic color
  3. Metal string Floral Tape
  4. Adhesive
  5. Scissors

How To:

Step 1:

Cut out a piece of construction paper for the petal template.

Step 2:

Using the template, cut out two pieces of crepe paper for one petal.

Step 3:

Take a small piece of metal string and wrap it with white crepe paper.

Step 4:

Place the wrapped metal string at the center of one petal piece and apply adhesive.

Step 5:

Place the other petal piece on top of this and glue them well. Allow to dry.

Step 6:

Make five such petals for each flower. (Plumeria flowers can have only five petals)

Step 7:

Using a piece of sponge, apply yellow acrylic paint at the bottom part of each petal as shown.

Step 8:

Now attach each petal one by one to a metal string by tying them around using sewing thread.

Step 9:

Attach all the five petals in the similar fashion and bend the petals gently to shape them.

Step 10:

Wrap floral tape around the metal string to make the stem and complete your flower.

You know what the next step is.. Arrange these in a vase and brighten up your living room!

Duplex Plumeria Flowers

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