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Annaparavai (Bird) Kolams

Annaparavai designs are considered special and these bird kolams are drawn for special occasions and during the season of Margazhi.

Here are a few kolams ranging from the simplest design going on till complex designs.

Annaparavai Designs:

Design 1:

12 X 12 Straight Dots

Bird Kolam

Design 2:

8 X 8 Straight Dots

Paravai Kolam

Design 3:

Free hand (Varaivu) Kolam

Varaivu kolam

Design 4:

10 X 10 Straight Dots

Design 5:

14 X 13 Straight Dots

Annaparavai kolam

Design 6:

25 X 5 Straight Dots

2 Rows of 7 dots for the last two rows

Design 7:

Intersecting dots. Center row of 9 dots to 5 dots.

Many of these designs are suitable as a rangoli too. You can fill in these with different colors to make these more beautiful.

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