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Apartment Kolam

Simple Small Kolam Collection

For those of you who are beginning to get your hands on kolam designs and for those of you who wish to draw small kolams in the doorstep of your apartments, here are a few simple kolam designs.

Design 1:

4 X 4 – Straight row dots

Simple Kolam

Design 2:

Center row of 7 dots to 1 dot. Straight rows.

Easy Kolams

Design 3:

4 X 4 – Straight row dots

Easy Kolam Designs

Design 4:

Center row of 5 dots to 1 dot. Straight rows.

Apartment Kolam

Design 5:

3 parallel rows of 5 dots each at the center. 1 row of 3 dots at the top and bottom – straight row dots.

Simple Kolam Design

Design 6:

5 X 5 – Straight row dots

Easy Kolam Design

Next in the kolam series will be a collection of kolams for the upcoming Margazhi season.

Update – Collection of advanced kolams for Margazhi.

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