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Margazhi Kolam

Margazhi Maha Kolam Collection

Margazhi is the tamil month which is known for the large kolams drawn on the streets at the break of dawn in state of Tamil Nadu in India. To complement the Thiruppaavai of the season, here are a few ‘large’ kolam designs for this Margazhi.

Design 1:

Margazhi Kolam

Design 2:

19 X 19 Straight Line Dots


Design 3:

5 rows of 15 dots. Straight line dots going on till 5 dot row.

Margazhi Kolam

Design 4:

15 to 1 dot. Straight line dots.

Margazhi Kolam

Design 5:

19 dots row at center – continue with intervening dots as shown.

Margazhi Kolam

Design 6:

Margazhi Kolam

Design 7:

3 rows of 29 Dots at the center. Continue with straight dots till row of three dots at the top and bottom.

Margazhi Kolam

Design 8:

5 rows of 16 dots

4 rows of 10 dots

4 rows of 4 dots (Straight line)

Margazhi Kolam

These kolams are quite advanced and need substantial time initially. But once you get comfortable with drawing pulli kolams, the process tends to get a bit easier. The most important step is to keep the dots with the correct number and maintaining a uniform distance between the dots.

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