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Make Paper Daffodils

Make Daffodil Flowers using Duplex Paper

Natural looking daffodil flowers can be made using duplex paper with just a little effort and in very less time too. So let’s get started…

Glimpse of the Result:

Duplex Paper Daffodils

Materials Needed to make the flowers:

  1. Duplex paper in the color of your choice (you can alternatively use crepe paper)
  2. Floral Tape
  3. String (for Stem)
  4. Glue
  5. Pair of scissors

How To make Duplex paper daffodil flowers:

Step 1:

I’ve used one sided yellow color duplex paper for this project. So to begin with, draw a three petal floral pattern outline on the back side of the paper.

Step 2:

Fold the paper in two and cut out along the outline drawn. You can alternatively use a suitable die if you have one.

Step 3:

Place one unit above the other and glue at the center as shown.

Step 4:

Take a piece of metal string and make a small loop at the corner. Wrap floral tape or green duplex paper around the string to get the stem ready.

Step 5:

Make a small hole at the center of the petals and insert the stem.

Step 6:

Take a small strip of paper and cut one side in a curvy fashion.

Stem 7:

Roll the paper and glue the edges and bottom to form a curvy bell shaped structure.

Step 8:

Attach this to the center of the petals using glue.

Step 9:

Make leaves by cutting it out of duplex or crepe paper as shown below.

Step 10:

Make a hole at the center of the leaves and insert the stem – your daffodil flower is done.

Crepe Paper Flowers

Step 11:

Make a few more and in different colors if  you want, arrange them neatly in a vase, and here we have a cute little vase with flowers to add charm to your room.

Make Paper Daffodils

Now, question time… which is more prettier, the pot we painted yesterday or the flowers we’ve made today?!

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