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3DO Peacock Glimpse

3D Origami Peacock – DIY

A 3 dimensional origami peacock is one of the models which kind of demands a good amount of patience, the result though is definitely worth the effort. The technique of making this model is similar to any other 3D model that we make.Glimpse of the Result:

3DO Peacock GlimpseHow To make a Modular Origami Peacock:

Step 1:

We will need a total of 524 triangular units for this origami peacock. To see how to make each triangular unit, click here. Make 92 yellow triangles, 164 blue triangles and 268 green triangles.

Step 2:

Make the base using green, the first and second rows will be made by assembling 24 units as shown below.

Step 3:

Add a total of 4 rows in green using the same methodology.

Step 4:

In the next row, add 5 blue units and the rest of them in green.

Step 5:

Add another row, this time 7 blue units on top of the previous row of 5 blue units and the rest in green.

Step 6:

Now keep adding only the blue units till you make a triangle with one unit at the top.

Step 7:

Outline with green units as shown.

The two green units at the top is where we will be attaching the neck of the peacock.

Step 8:

Turn the model and make the hind side of the peacock by alternating between blue and green rows. Stop at a point were you have 4 units at the top row.

Step 9:

To make the neck, insert triangles as shown.

Step 10:

Add the units such that there are a few blue units used for the neck. Yellow will be used for the beak.

Step 11:

Attach the neck to front part of the base. We now have the body of the peacock ready.

Step 12:

To start making the feathers, assemble the units in the same fashion as we did for the base. The two edges don’t have to be joined.

Step 13:

Keep adding rows. This is purely up to you – you can use up the units in the desired fashion. I’ve made it as below.

Step 14:

Attach this feather structure at the center of the body of the peacock.

Modular Origami Peacock

You can chose to draw eyes or attach two triangles for the leg of the origami peacock. Get creative and experiment with these models.

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