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3D Origami Hello Kitty

The modular origami technique is a little time consuming but fun technique to make 3 dimensional models. After the 3D swan and the pineapple, here are the steps to make a 3D Hello Kitty using the modular origami technique. 

Glimpse of the Origami Hello Kitty:

Origami Hello Kitty

How To:

To make this kitty, we will need a total of 448 units.

Step 1:

The first step is to get the units done. For this, refer steps 1 to 8 here.

Step 2:

Of the total needed 448 units, make 336 units in one color (primary) and 112 units in another color (secondary) paper.

Step 3:

Take the primary color units and glue one with another as shown.

Step 4:

Glue together 28 such units in a ring.

Step 5:

Invert the model.

Step 6:

Hold the bottom together and insert Row 2.

Step 7:

Keep adding rows using the similar method.

Step 7:

Add a total of 8 to 9 rows to get the top part of the kitty.

Step 8:

Now add the secondary color units. Add it a little inside as shown.

Step 9:

Add around 4 rows.

Step 10:

Now again make 3 rows using the primary color units.

Step 11:

Give the kitty life by adding features and the typical hair bow too!

3d Origami Hello Kitty

You can choose to give hands or any other feature as you please. Be creative.

Mine is done!

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