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Basic Quilling Flower

Quilling Basics – Simple flower pattern

Quilling is the type of art in which strips of paper is rolled and shaped to form various patterns. This is a tutorial to make a simple flower using the technique of quilling.

Glimpse of the Quilled Flower:

Basic Quilling Flower

How To:

Step 1:

Take a strip of paper.

Step 2:

Use a quilling tool, toothpick or any other such tool with a cylindrical body. A quilling tool will create a smaller hole at the center of the roll. Start by rolling the strip around the tool slow and tight.

Step 3:

Roll the full strip around the tool.

Step 4:

Remove the roll and shape it as desired by loosening the role and pressing it to shape the unit.

Step 5:

Make many such units in desired shapes and colors and assemble them to make a design.

Step 5:

Use appropriate shapes and color strips.

Enhance as needed.

Basic Quilling Flower

I’ve used double sided origami paper for this, you can use quilling strips available or just use chart paper. Simple quilling designs will be suitable for handmade cards. Advanced quilling projects to follow.


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