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Pierre Auguste Renoir

Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841-1919)

Pierre Auguste Renoir was a French impressionist painter and a contributor of prominent art works in the nineteenth century.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir was born in a middle class family in France. As a boy, he worked in a nearby porcelain factory which was the beginning of his artistic journey; he started by painting and decorating the porcelain items made in the factory. During this period, he was deeply inspired by the paintings of  François Boucher who was one of the master painters of the 18th century. 

Pierre Auguste Renoir

Due to the interest he developed towards painting and art, he enrolled in an art school and studied art from various French master painters for a few years. Later he took up art more seriously and started to study in Paris under Charles Gabriel Gleyre who was a famous Swiss artist.

After this, he slowly started exhibiting his paintings and started painting various themes of everyday life till the mid 1880s. Post this period, the techniques of Renoir became more formal and disciplined with increased professionalism. This was the Ingres period called so as this was the period during which he largely painted portraits and outlines of figures esp., of women. Sensuality was beautifully displayed in the paintings made during this period.

Along with painters like Claude Monet, Renoir became one of the pioneers of impressionist art. It is told that Renoir mainly used five bright colors in his palette, his paintings had bold lines and quick yet distinctive brush strokes. Some of his prominent paintings include Le Moulin de la Galette (1876),  Luncheon of the Boating Party (1881) and The Bathers (1887)

It was his passion towards art that made him to continuously experiment and paint in spite of suffering from arthritis during his later years. Over the period, this illustrious artist contributed thousands of works including paintings, sketches and sculptures to the art world. Many of his artworks till day reflect snapshots of real life with fervor and a exude a sense of warmth.

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