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Modular Paper Ring

Modular Origami Ring

A few pieces of paper to make a neat modular origami ring.

Glimpse of the Result:

Modular Paper Ring

How To:

Step 1:

Take equal sized square pieces of paper in two colors. You will need 5 pieces in each color.

Step 2:

Take a square piece and fold it in half. Make a crease an unfold.

Step 3:

Make a mountain fold by bringing the top corners of the square towards the center crease.

Step 3:

Make a fold along the center of the bottom half of the paper.

Step 4:

Make a crease and unfold.

Step 5:

Bring the top triangle towards the bottom edge of the paper.

Step 6:

Fold as shown below.

Step 7:

Lift the bottom half of the paper towards the center crease.

Step 8:

Flip and fold the side corners as shown in line with the mountain fold.

Step 9:

Lift the bottom upwards and fold the model along the vertical center crease.

Step 10:

Repeat the above steps for all the pieces of paper to make a total of ten units.

Step 11:

Attach two units together as shown.

Step 12:

Keep attaching all the units in a similar fashion to get the ring.

Modular Origami Ring

This is really simple to do. You can make improvisations by making this with different colors, more number of units depending on the size of your ring and so on.

 Idea Credit: Mette Pederson


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