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Crystal Flowers

How to make Crystal Flowers

A tutorial which will show you how to make crystal flowers using plastic crystal gems. You can alternatively use rhinestones to make these flowers.

Glimpse of the Crystal Flowers:

Crystal Flowers

Supplies needed:

  1. Metal string
  2. Plastic gems – 6 gems for each flower

How To:

Step 1:

Insert the metal string through one hole of the gem and slide it out through the other hole of the gem backwards.

Step 2:

Repeat the above step for all the gems which will form the petals of the flower. You will have a string of gems.

When you flip the string, it would look similar to what is shown below.

Step 3:

Now add the stone which would be the center of the flower in the same fashion.

Step 4:

Just twist the string such that the gems for petals are twisted around the center stone.

Step 5:

Twist and twirl both the ends of the string together.

Flip, and you have your crystal flower.

Crystal Flower

You can make it a little more professional looking by wrapping the stem with silver paper strips. These can be made in mild pink or such other mild colors to match your outfit and can be used for hair dresses especially to go with bridal make-up.

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