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Origami Yacht

How to make a paper Yacht

This is one of the basic origami tutorials in which we will make a simple paper yacht in a few steps.

Glimpse of the Result:

Origami Yacht

How To:

Step 1:

Take a square sheet of origami paper and fold it at the center. Make a crease and unfold.

Step 2:

Fold the left corner inwards. This fold need not meet the center crease.

Step 3:

Lift the right corner and fold it along the center crease.

Step 4:

Now lift this top flap and fold a part of it outwards. Flatten.

Step 5:

Lift the downward triangle at the bottom upwards and fold.

Step 6:

Unfold. Now lift the downward triangle and fold it such that its side is now in line with the crease we just made.

Step 7:

Fold the tip of this newly formed triangle to make the base.

Yacht done. Simpler than folding a paper boat!

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