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Origami Pineapple

How to make a Modular Origami Pineapple

Modular origami is so much fun, although it is a little time consuming it is definitely worth it. Here we would be making an origami pineapple using the modular origami method.

3D Origami Pineapple:

Origami Pineapple

This pineapple would need 450 units. We would be making 15 rows with 30 units in each row. We will start by seeing how to make each unit.

How To:

Step 1:

Take an A4 sheet of paper in yellow or orange color.


Step 2:

Cut the paper in 32 pieces of equal size.


Step 3:

Fold this piece of paper in half.


Step 4:

Fold downwards along the center of the folded rectangle starting from the top right. Repeat this for the top left as well.


Step 5:

Flip the model and snip the edges as shown.


Step 6:

Lift the bottom part and fold it downwards.

step 6

Step 7:

Bring the two lower corners of the triangle together.

step 7

Step 8:

Make 450 such units.

step 8

Step 9:

Glue together two units as shown.

step 9

Step 10:

Do this for 30 units which would make the first row; which would be the base of the triangle.

step 10

Step 11:

Invert the model and hold the lower edges together as shown.

step 11

Step 12:

Insert the second row of the pineapple. Insert such that one unit of Row 2 joins two units of row one together. This row would also have 30 units.

Step 13:

Complete Row 2 as shown.

step 13

Step 14:

Repeat the above two steps for the next row.

step 14

Step 15:

Keep adding rows.

step 15

Step 16:

To get a completed appearance, you will need about 15 rows in total.

step 16

Step 17:

To make the leaves, first insert and rolled piece of rectangular paper in green color.

step 17

Step 18:

Make leaves as shown. About 12 such pieces should be enough.

step 18

Step 19:

Stick the leaves row by row starting form the bottom. The rolled sheet of paper will serve as the basis for sticking the leaves.

step 19

And the pineapple is done!

Modular Origami Pineapple

You can make many such models using this technique.

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