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Vintage Earrings

Vintage Jewelry Designs

Vintage jewelry is the term which indicates that jewelry is eras old. The eras such as Early Victorian, Georgian, Art Deco and Retro are the most common among vintage jewelry.

Early Victorian jewelry is the preferred choice when it comes to engagement and wedding rings since these have intricate designs and are popular for a romantic occasion.

Vintage Jewelry collection

Vintage Earrings

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Art Deco jewelry are more fashionable and are opted for when accessorizing for a party. Many of these designs are inspired by Egyptian jewelry and are sometimes a bit chunky as well. Bronze and copper color art deco jewelry have gained popularity in the West in the recent times.

Vintage Stud

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Just like any other retro art, retro jewelry is colorful and flashy. Bold designs make these quite a hit among teens and the ‘inspired by hollywood’ community. Retro jewelry serves as a great inspiration for those who like making their own jewelry; one can design his or her own retro-like jewelry with little practice.

Vintage Silver bracelet

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Vintage jewelry are always sought for since these pieces have a unique elegance and tantalizing appeal that not  all jewelry has. The fine workmanship is exhibited through the intricacy and variety of the designs made. Pearl and rubies are frequently used in vintage jewelry, fresh water pearls being the most common among them.

Vintage Pearl earrings

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When you think of vintage jewelry lockets and pendants are one of the first things that comes to our mind. Ages old beautiful lockets are still a treasured possession of many. A simple pendant is sufficient to give you an elegance and charm.

Vintage Pendants

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When purchasing vintage jewelry, it is important you pick the right boutique; there are many places which sell cheaper look a-likes of vintage pieces. These places are however a boon to those who are actually looking for cheaper substitutes as vintage pieces are generally quite expensive.

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