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Mirror Decoration

Simple Mirror Frame Decoration

For long, I’ve been using an old mirror in my room. I was my grand mom’s and the mirror has actually become quite dull. I decided to add some flash to it and decorated my mirror using a few craft supplies I had at home. You can use the outlined technique for decorating photo frames as well.

Glimpse of the final result:

Mirror Decoration

For this you will need:

  1. A mirror with a wooden frame
  2. Bronze and Gold acrylic colors
  3. Golden thread
  4. Plastic gem stones
Before we start, I’ll tell you this, my reflections were all over the place in my photos. So I’ve done a bit of editing in the mirror area.

Step 1:

This is the mirror we started off with.

Step 2:

Using M Seal, make a three dimensional structure. I made a simple moon structure which would match the outcome I had in mind. While the clay is still moist, attach it to the mirror using glue.

Step 3:

Now paste colored plastic gems (you can use zardosi stones as a substitute) on the frame in a desired pattern.

Step 4:

Take the gold thread and paste it around the mirror to make it a little elegant.

Step 5:

Paint the outer frame of the mirror using metallic bronze acrylic paint.

Step 6:

Once the polymer clay is dry, paint the structure made using yellow gold metallic acrylic color.

Step 7:

After the paint is dry, outline the moon using gold beads. This will add a royal touch to your structure.

That’s it… It’s done!

Mirror Decoration

This decoration is simple to do and would add a royal touch to your room.

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