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Origami Frog

Origami Frog – Tutorial

Below are the steps to fold a paper origami frog. This frog hops too, give it a try.

Glimpse of the Result:

How to fold an origami frog

How to fold an Origami Frog:

Step 1:

Take a square sheet of paper. Green or brown color works best for frog. We will start by making a preliminary base.

Frog step1

Step 2:

Fold the paper in half.

Frog step2

Step 3:

Fold this in half again.

Frog step3

Step 4:

Lift the top layer and flatten it as shown.

Frog step4

Step 5:

Repeat this for the other side to complete the preliminary base.

Frog step5

Step 6:

Lift the top flap and fold along the center. Flatten this.

Frog step6

Step 7:

Repeat the above step for the other three sides.

Frog step7

Step 8:

Again lift and fold the top flap towards the center as shown.

Frog step8

Make a crease and then unfold.

Repeat this step for the other three sides.

Step 9:

Now you would need to make a ‘petal fold’. For this, you will lift the upper flap, fold along the crease and flatten well.

Frog step9

Step 10:

Repeat the above the step for the remaining three sides of the paper model.

Frog step10

Step 11:

Flip. You will have the structure shown below.

Frog step11

Step 12:

Fold the sides to meet the center vertical crease.

Step 13:

Lift the left side and bring towards the right.

Frog step13

Step 14:

Repeat the above two steps for the remaining three sides of the model.

Frog step14

Step 15:

We now have to get the legs ready for the frog. Fold the top two flaps upward.

Frog step15

Step 16:

Crease and make a reverse fold on both sides. For this you will be tucking the paper inwards.

Frog step16

Step 17:

Do the same for the hind legs of the frog.

Frog step17

Step 18:

Make folds again to add shape to the legs.

Frog step18

Step 19:

And again…

Frog step19

Blow in to inflate the frog.

Origami Frog

Slide your finger from the center of its body outwards and release. You can see your frog hopping.

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