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3D Origami Swan

Make a 3D Origami Swan

A 3 dimensional origami swan can be made with a few hundred small paper triangles. It looks really cool and is simple to make – all you need is a little more patience than usual. So let’s start?

The Modular Origami Swan:

3D Origami Swan


To make this swan, you would need about 400 pieces of paper folded as triangles.

How to Make Triangular Units for 3D Origami:

Step 1:

To start with take an A4 size sheet of paper. Bond paper works fine as it is crisp and has about the right thickness.

Step 2:

Keep folding the paper in halves. You will have to make 4 folds to get the size shown below.

Step 3:

Now cut along the edges to get 16 rectangular pieces of paper from this one sheet.

Step 4:

Fold this paper in half.

Step 5:

Fold downwards along the center of the folded rectangle starting from the top right. Repeat this for the top left as well.

Step 6:

Flip the paper and snip the edges of the bottom.

Step 7:

Lift the bottom part and fold it upwards.

Step 8:

Bring the two lower corners of the triangle together.

A triangular unit is done.

Now we will start assembling the units to make the swan.

Step 9:

Make around 400 similar triangles (we will call each triangle an unit).  Make the units neat and crisp, this will make your swan look good.

Step 10:

Line up 30 units. These will form Row 1 of the swan.

Step 11:

To each unit of Row 1, we will insert two units to form Row 2.

Step 12:

The row 1 units will be connected to each other using these units and are hence referred to as connector units.

Step 13:

When you are done making the first ring, you would have used up 30 units for Row 1 and equal number of connector units for Row 2.

Step 14:

Invert the model to get a bowl shaped structure.

Step 15:

Now with each unit positioned as shown in Step 8, make Row 3.

Step 17:

Repeat the above procedure to make Row 4.

Step 18:

Make Row 5 in a similar fashion. Remove two triangles from the row, two units opposite to each other.

Step 19:

Make rows 6 to 20. For each row, you will be adding one unit less and by the time you reach Row 20, you will add only one unit to each side. The structure would get naturally curved. The edges would be the tip of the wings.

Step 20:

For the neck and head of the swan, you might have to connect about 30 to 35 units.

Step 21:

You can apply a little glue at one of the lower center points of the swan.

Attach the neck at this center point.

Origami Swan

Step 22:

Yon can add some color to the beak of the bird and give it eyes. The wings of the swan can be adjusted to curve up a bit more if needed.

And you’ve got your own 3D Origami Swan…hard to believe its just paper!

3D Origami Swan

 You can make more models with the similar technique. We shall continue to see more models with detailed tutorials. Get creative!

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