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Einstein's Tongue

Einstein’s Tongue (1951)

This famous photograph taken by Arthur Sasse was taken in the year 1952 in Princeton on the day of the 72nd birthday of Albert Einstein.

Einstein's Tongue

On his 72nd birthday, Einstein was surrounded by journalists and photographers who were pressing for his photograph. Einstein was tired of posing and as ‘naughty’ as he was known to be, he stuck his tongue out. At this point, Arthur Sasse clicked this famous picture.

Einstein liked this photo so much that he in fact used this on the holiday cards he sent out and he requested for nine copies of this photograph which he personally signed and gave to few of his friends. Over the years, many manipulated versions of this photograph have been used in various caricatures. Till today this photo is popular among people of all ages being unique in the sense that this portrays one of the most intelligent men of all times in a lighter shade.

The original photograph was sold in the year 2009 for $74,324 at an auction.

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