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Drawstring Pouch

Drawstring Velvet Pouch – Tutorial

A drawstring pouch or bag is a simple craft work you can make in less than 30 minutes. 

Glimpse of the Result:

Drawstring Pouch

All you will need a sheet of velvet cloth and woolen string.

How To:

Step 1:

Flip the velvet cloth and draw a circle outline on it. You can use a plate to draw the outline.

Step 2:

Cut the velvet cloth along the outline drawn. Flip the cloth.

Step 3:

Draw dots using a pen along the outline of the circle. Leave space of about an inch between two dots.

Step 5:

Using a punching machine, make holes using the dots as a guide.

Step 6:

To start making the string, cut two triangular pieces out of the velvet cloth.

Step 7:

Make a cone out of these triangular pieces and attach it to one end of the woolen string and make a knot.

Step 8:

Thread the woolen string through the holes, going up one hole and then going down the next. Repeat this for all the holes.

Step 9:

Repeat Step 7 for the other end of the woolen string.

To use your velvet pouch, just pull both the ends of the string and gather the top of the cloth together.

Velvet Drawstring Pouch

Tie both the ends together ad make a know to keep it closed.

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