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Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh

Starry Night (1889)

Vincent  van Gogh’s most famous and one of the earliest paintings is the Starry Night which was an oil painting on canvas done in the year 1889.Post the year 1886 most of Van Gogh’s paintings were works of impressionism and the Starry Night was one such work.

The darkness of the night with the single bright moon is portrayed using definite strokes of VanGogh. Like certain other paintings of his, this one too has a dramatic portrayal of the space with deep oil colors of the night and a com-positional device at low eye level.

Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh

My favorite aspect about the painting is the quiet city that is basking in the glow of the starry night.

  • The dark structures bring out the calmness and the silence of the town. The dark cloudy night is shown using the wave like strokes painted as swirls.
  • Each star in the sky has a glow around it and these exude a brightness in the dark sky.
  • A sense of spacial depth is created using dark colors and Van Gogh has capitalized patterns to bring out the best of impressionist art.

This painting was made during Van Gogh’s stay at an Asylum where he had admitted himself due to his mental health history. The subject of this painting is hence the view  from this asylum in the village of Saint-Remy with the hills and the swirly sky.

After this painting, a reed pen drawing was made by Van Gogh with the same theme and motifs. This painting has been reproduced by many artists and a large number of prints have been made over the years owing to its growing popularity.

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