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Paper Snowflakes

How to Make Paper Snowflakes – Instructions

This is a simple craft which can be done with a square piece of paper and scissors. Paper snowflakes making is a fun activity for kids specially around the holiday season.

Glimpse of Kirigami paper snowflake designs:

Paper Snowflakes

Let us see how to do a few  snowflake designs.

How to make paper snowflakes:

Step 1:

Take a square piece of thick paper.

PS Step 1

Step 2:

Fold it diagonally in two halves to form a triangle.

PS Step 2Step 3:

Start from the top left corner of the triangle to join the bottom right of the triangle.

PS Step 3Step 4:

Fold the bottom left corner along the dotted lines.


You will get the below.
PS Step 4Step 5:

Repeat the above step for the bottom right corner of the triangle.
PS Step 5
Step 6:
Press and flatten. Cut out the lower part of this along the dotted line.
PS Step 6You will get the below.
PS Step 6b
Step 7:
Now cut this triangle in the desired shapes and patterns. To start with, we can take the below simple pattern.
PS Step 7
Step 8:

Open the folds in the paper and here is your snowflake.
PS Step 8
The top tip of the triangle becomes the center of the snowflake and the bottom of the triangle becomes the edges of the snowflake.

Experiment with different designs. Here are a few designs to start with.
Design1 :
PS Type 2
Design 2:
Similarly you can try out different designs and in different sizes.
Now that you’ve made these Kirigami snowflakes, you can try out these 3 dimensional snowflakes to decorate your homes.

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