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Paper Bag

How to make a Paper Bag

This tutorial will show you how to make a paper bag using chart paper in a few steps. Paper bags are environment friendly alternates for plastic bags and can be done quickly.

Glimpse of the Paper Bag:

Paper Bag

For this you will need:

  1. Chart paper (or any other thick paper)
  2. Glue
  3. Scissors
  4. Handle for the bag
  5. Punching machine
  6. Colors

Paper bags for everyday use can be done with simple brown paper. I’ve used chart paper for this tutorial, to replicate the bag I made for last year’s environment day campaign.

How To:

Step 1:

Take a piece of chart paper and make a crease at the center.

Step 2:

Paste the two sides together with glue. Allow it to dry for some time.

Step 3:

Fold both sides of the paper. The thickness of the fold will determine the space inside the bag; this will become the width of the bag, so accordingly make the fold.

Step 4:

Open the folds and along the creases made  fold inwards on both the sides as shown.

Step 5:

Fold the bottom of the bag for a length of around 2 inches. This will depend on the size of the bag you are making.

Step 6:

Unfold the last fold made. Along the side crease, fold inwards to form a triangular shaped edge.

Step 7:

Fold the flap inwards and flatten it as shown below. Paste the two flaps together using glue and press so that the base is firm.

Step 8:

Using a punching machine, make two holes on both sides of the bag to attach the handle.

Step 9:

If the bag is plain looking and you want to add some color to it, use watercolors  or poster colors to add some designs to the bag. Alternatively, you can use cut gift wrappers to jazz up your bag a little.

Step 10:

Attach a handle to the bag using the holes made. I wanted to use earthy colors, so I went for brown beads. You can attach simple plastic or thread handles to the bag as well.

Decorative paper bagThis is a simple process and a bag can be done well within ten to fifteen minutes. You can do these bags for everyday use from glossy pages of magazine or newspapers. It can be be a useful and interesting craft activity for kids during the holidays or for a craft project.

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