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The Migrant Mother,1936

The Migrant Mother, 1936

The Migrant Mother has been one of the greatly popular photographs of all times. This photograph was taken in the year 1936 by the widely acclaimed photographer Dorothea Lange.

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The specialty of this photography is the way the despair of the mother has been captured. It has various shades to it, viz the kind of emotions that this particular photo portrays. The mother shouldering the despair of her kids is shown beautifully as she comforts them by merely giving them a shoulder to lie upon.

The period in which this photo was taken was during the Great Economic Depression and due to this known fact there is greater empathy in the viewers of this photo as well.

The mother, the subject in this photo is a 21 year old woman who went by the name Florence Owens Thompson. She had come to the land of California with her family with a dream of a beautiful and prosperous life but had their hopes shattered during the economic depression.

Although this photo was extremely popular during the time Dorothea had released it, it was at a later point of time, during the year 1998, this photo was released as a stamp by the U.S. Postal Service.

“I saw and approached the hungry and desperate mother, as if drawn by a magnet”, is what Dorothea Lange had said when she was asked about this appealing work of hers. Well, we are glad you were drawn to her; else the world would have missed a masterpiece!


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