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Cut and Paste craft

Pop up flowers – Free Standing Craft

In this tutorial, we shall see how to make a pop up flowers using a simple cut-and-paste work. This is an ideal craft for kids this summer. You can surprise your mom with these flowers this Mother’s Day!

Glimpse of the Pop up flowers:

Pop up craft

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For this you will need:

  • A Thermocol sheet
  • Colorful empty carton box
  • Glue
  • Few button (differed colors and sizes)
  • Hard card board box
  • Scissors
  • Few acrylic color paints

How to make Pop Up Flowers:

Step 1:

Start by making the stand for the master piece you’re going to do. Take a hard board box like the one shown below. A mailing box is easier to use for this purpose.

Cut and Paste craft

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Step 2:

Cut the side into diagonals. (Adult supervision required)

Step 3:

Turn the box upside down and glue it as shown below. Ensure that you use hot glue or any other good adhesive to hold the stand well.

Cut and Paste craft

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 Step 4:

Take a color of your choice, and paint the box with the color. Have at least 2 coats so that the stand looks complete and stokes aren’t visible.

Step 5:

Now take a colorful empty and relatively less thick carton box. Cut out flowers out of the box. Cut flowers of different shapes and sizes. Since the thermocol sheet will be the background for the image, the size of the flowers will depend on the size of your thermocol sheet.

Cut and Paste craft

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 Step 6:

Take the buttons and paste a button with glue at the center of each flower.

Step 7:

Cut out stems out of a part of the box which is of the right color. The flowers would look as shown below.

Cut and Paste craft

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 Step 8:

Now take a bright color acrylic paint and paint the thermocol sheet. Here again have atleast 2 coats and have nice shades with a good color composition. Let it dry.

Step 9:

Stick the flowers to the thermocol sheet. While pasting, paste it in such a manner that the center part of the flowers are stuck the background so that the flowers are sticking out from the background and have a pop-up effect.

Cut and Paste craft

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 And there you go…. spring in summer! Surprise your mom with this piece of pop up flowers craft she will forever cherish.

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