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Mother's day craft

Mother’s Day Crafts – Crown Greeting

Hi all! Today we will see a craft to greet your mother this Mother’s day!

For this you will need:

  1. Chart paper – yellow color
  2. Scissors
  3. Red color paper
  4. Few color stones
  5. Glue

Mother's day craftHow To:

Step 1:

Take the chart paper and cut it in the required size. The shape would be rectangular.

Step 3:

Fold the chart paper into two equal halves.

Mother's day craftStep 4:

Draw the outline of the chart. One half of the crown will be drawn.

Mother's day craftStep 5:

Cut out the chart using the outline made.

Mother's day craftStep 6:

Unfold the chart and place it on a table to start making the designs for the crown.

Mother's day craftStep 6:

Cut the red color paper in strips of equal length and paste them as shown below.

Mother's day craftStep 7:

Stick the colored stones in a neat fashion. I’ve chosen white and blue (flat) stones for this crown card.

Mother's day craftStep 8:

Write your greeting on the back of the card. Write it in your words, those are always special.

Mother's day craftStep 9:

And the card is ready! Place it in an envelope and give her the special greeting on this special day.

Mother's day craft

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