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Box Origami

Making an Origami Box – Instructions

An origami box is simple to make with just one piece of paper. This tutorial will show you how to make an easy origami box in a few steps.

Glimpse of the Origami Boxes

Box Origami

How To:

Step 1:

Take a square sheet of paper of the  required size. The size of the box is likely to be 1-4th of the size of your paper.

Origami BoxStep 2:

Fold the paper in half, make a crease and unfold it. Repeat the action from the adjacent side as well and unfold the same.

Origami BoxStep 3:

Fold the edges of the square towards the center of the square one by one. While folding, gently make creases so that making the box becomes simpler.

Origami BoxStep 4:

Fold the paper in two as shown. Make a crease here as well.

Origami Box
Step 5:

Fold this again into two starting from the top.

Origami BoxStep 6:

Once the creases are made, unfold all the folds made so far making the paper looking as below:

Origami BoxStep 7:

Now fold the sides of the top part towards the center of the top part of the paper as shown.

Origami BoxStep 8:

Fold this paper with the top triangle folding inward to meet the center of the box.

Origami BoxStep 9:

Repeat the step above to get the box as shown.

Origami Box

You can make such boxes using paper of different thickness to make boxes as per your requirement. Based on the size of the box, you can make a smaller box for the lid.

Box Origami

Real simple isn’t it?!

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