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Origami plane

How to make an Easy Paper airplane

This is the simplest paper airplane that you can make with a piece of paper.

Glimpse of the Result:

Origami plane

How To:

Step 1:

Take a rectangular piece of paper. A little thick paper is better as this well help the plane to fly.

Origami planeStep 2:

Fold the paper across its length in half to make the main crease.

Origami planeStep 3:

Fold each top towards the main crease to form a triangle at the top.

Origami planeStep 4:

Fold the paper inwards along the main crease.

Origami planeStep 5:

Open the flap of the paper from the side towards the crease.

Origami plane

Step 6:

Repeat the above step for the next side as well to get the structure shown below.

Origami plane

Step 7:

Hold the center/main crease from the bottom to start flying the plane.

Origami plane

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