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Photoshop effects_art fragmentation

How to create Art Fragmentation of Photos

This tutorial will show you how art fragmentation of photos can be done using Photoshop.

Glimpse of the Photo effect

Photo editing

How To:

Step 1:

Take the photo of your choice and open it in Photoshop. (Source of the below image: Flickr)

Photoshop effects

This effect is best suited for close-up photographs. So, choose an appropriate photo.

Step 2:

If needed, crop the image in the desired size. For this, make the selection and go to Image > Crop.

Photoshop effects

The cropped photo is shown below:

Photoshop effects

Step 3:

Let us now modify the contrast of the photo. For doing that, duplicate the layer.

Photoshop effects

Step 4:

Change the layer mode to Overlay on the new layer.

Photoshop effects

The image looks similar to what is shown below.

Photoshop effects

Step 5:

Now duplicate the new layer again and change the mode of the layer to Screen.

Photoshop effects

Step 6:

We shall now merge all the layers together using Layer > Merge Visible.

A single merged layer is now seen.

Step 7:

Apply Image > Adjustments > Levels and modify the presets of the layer.

Photoshop effects

Select Custom preset and in the RGB channel, change the preset.

Photoshop effects

Step 8:

Repeat this step again, but this time with Red Channel.

Photoshop effects

Step 9:

Again go to Image > Adjustments > Levels. Now we will adjust the Levels with the Blue Channel selected.

Photoshop effects

Step 10:

Duplicate (Ctrl+J) this layer.

Step 11:

To apply blur effect to this layer, Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur

Photoshop effects

Increase the blur radius to the desired pixels from the current radius.

Photoshop effects

Step 12:

Select this layer and change the layer style to Multiply.

Photoshop effects

Step 13:

Pick the Rectangular Marquee Tool and make a selection similar to the one shown below.

Photoshop effects

Hit the Delete button to clear the area selected using the Marquee tool.

To remove the selection hit Ctrl + D

Photoshop effects

Step 14:

The final step is to apply Stroke layer effect. To do this go to Layer > Layer Style > Stroke.

Photoshop effects

We will create a frame by setting the below attributes to the layer.

Photoshop effects

Finished Image

Photoshop effects_art fragmentation

You can use these tools to create different fragmented effects. Experiment as you please!


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