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Artificial red roses

How to make Fabric Red Roses

This tutorial will tell you how you could make a bunch of small red fabric roses. The fabric we would be using for this would be organdy cloth.

Glimpse of the Organdy Red Roses:

Fabric roses

 For this, you will need,

  1. A small sheet of red color organdy cloth. Organdy cloth is a slightly stiff cotton cloth which is generally available in any art store.
  2. Scissors
  3. Thread (any dark color)
  4. Piece of metal string or a thin stick (for the rose stem)
  5. Green tape
  6. Set of leaves
  7. Glue
  8. An empty vase for flower arrangement.

Artificial red roses

How To:

Step 1:

Cut the organdy cloth into 2cm pieces.

Step 2:

Fold each piece into two equal halves in a triangular shape.

Artificial red roses

Step 3:

Fold the two ends of the triangle to get a petal like appearance.

Step 4:

Since we are making a set of button roses and the size of each petal is small, twist the bottom tip of the triangle so that the process of holding the petals together is easier.

Artificial red rosesMake around 8 petals of the same size for each button rose.

Step 5:

Take the metal string which we have for the stem. Take a small piece of the organdy cloth to form a bud which will be the center of the rose.

Artificial red roses

Step 6:

Take each petal and tie it around the center using the thread. Each knot made should be tight. Use the twisted part of each petal so that the knotting process is simple and firm.

Artificial red rosesStep 7:

Just like the image shown above, tie all the petals around one by one in a an even fashion. The rose would like shown below.

Artificial red rosesStep 8:

Now use the green tape to get the stem ready. Slowly wrap the tape around the stem after applying a little glue. The fabric rose is ready now.

Artificial red roses

Step 9:

Repeat the procedure and make a few more roses based on the size of the vase you’ve picked. I’ve made around 8 roses.

Step 10:

Set the leaves you have in the vase. This will make the roses look more natural and give a contrast color to the flower arrangement.

Step 11:

Arrange the fabric roses in the vase.

Arrange the roses in the vase.

And our bunch of red rose flowers are ready!


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