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Paper Rose

How to Make Artificial Roses with Organdy

In this tutorial, we shall see how artificial roses can be made out of a piece of organdy cloth.

The Organdy Roses:

Paper Rose

Shall we begin?

For this, you shall need:

  1. A small sheet of organdy cloth. Organdy cloth is a slightly stiff cotton cloth which is generally available in any art store.
  2. Scissors
  3. Thread (preferably the same color thread as the color of your rose)
  4. Piece of metal string or a thin stick (for the rose stem)
  5. Green tape
  6. Set of leaves
  7. Glue

Paper Rose

Steps to make Organdy Roses:

Step 1:

We will begin by first getting the petals ready. Cut the organdy cloth in 3 sizes (as shown in the image above)  – in each size have about 5 pieces cut. Measurements could be like: Size 1 – 6 cm, Size 2 – 4 cm, Size 3 – 3 cm for a rose of size shown in this example.

Step 2:

Fold each piece into two equal halves like a triangle as shown below. Now slowly but firmly roll the corners of the triangle to look like the right part of the below image.

Paper RoseStep 3:

Repeat this for all the petals. It is always better to have more number of smaller petals. These will form the inside part of the rose and will make your rose look denser.

Paper Rose

Step 4:

Take the string and roll in a small piece of the cloth in the center to get a bud like appearance.

Step 5:

Take the smallest size petal and tie a knot around the metal string using the thread. The folded corners of the petals should face the outside. It should look as shown below.

Paper RoseStep 6:

Similarly add each small size petal around the center one by one. Ensure that each knot is firm and holds the petal tight.

Paper Rose

Step 7:

Now take the petals of the next size and repeat the above procedure. Tie the petals in an neat evenly fashion.

Paper Rose

Step 8:

The petals of the largest size should now be tied. These petals generally tend to come off if not tied well. So before starting this step, apply a little glue to the bottom of the rose and then start making the knots. Now the flower part is done.

Paper RoseStep 9:

This is the last step. Take the green tape, apply very little glue on the stem and drape the green tape around the stem. Attach the leaves to the stem if you want to to and you’ve got your organdy rose flower!

Paper Rose

These roses can be made well under 10-15 minutes.

In a few days we shall see arrangement of artificial flowers and how to make a bunch of table/button roses. Get ready… its craft time folks!


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