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Bracelets Collection

I recently saw an ad on television which says friends are like jewelry; the more you have, the happier you feel. Bracelet is one such piece of jewelry which unlike many other types of its counterparts can be worn with any outfit. All you really have to do is to pick the right type and design of jewelry. And that’s what this article is about – looking at some of the types of bracelets around to help us pick the best.

Probably because a bracelet traces its roots back to early Egyptian society when it used to be made out of bones, wood or stones to be worn during religious occasions, even these days’ they are made out of almost any material.

The traditional bracelets are made out of gold or silver and are generally of chain type. These also have precious stones embedded in them to give rich look. Shown below is a chain type piece made out of gold and silver.


Pearl Bracelet design:

Bracelets as I was mentioning sometime before suit any occasion. The wedding bracelet which is made of the good old but always elegant pearls are shown below. And what can add more beauty to it than well cut diamonds?!


Another antique piece which can be worn with almost any outfit is shown below.

antique wear

Beaded bracelets are the most common type and are always a fad with teenagers. These pieces are made with same or multi-colored beads. The one below is made out of red color beads of different shades and designs.


A multicolored piece as the own shown below is made out of beads of different types and textures. These are held together using a metal chain.

glass beads

Pieces with charms, crystals, friendship bands and bangles are certain other types about which we shall see soon.

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