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Pongal kolam design

Pongal Kolam designs

It is that time of the year when you have festivals and celebrations one after the other. So we just finished celebrating Christmas and New Year and, for the Indians, next is the harvest festival – Pongal or Sankranthi as it is called in different parts of the country.

A tradition during Pongal is to draw huge kolams or rangolis in the houses as a symbol of the happiness and mood that the festive season brings.  Lord Ganesh who has the face of elephant is considered the primary god during any worship. While drawing Pongal or Sankranthi kolams and rangoli’s, the elephant faced god is also drawn in different colors and postures.

Pongal kolam design

Customarily people use things like sugarcane to mark the sweetness, turmeric, rice and the pot used for making pongal as the icons of this festival. Many of the Pongal rangolis hence depict the theme of pongal with these ornaments.

The Sun God who is worshipped during the harvest festival becomes the heart of many Pongal designs.

Pongal Kolam DesignsImage Credit

Creative designs such as the one shown below can also be experimented. Such pongal kolams depict the theme of the festival beautifully.

Pongal Kolam DesignsImage Credit

If you see, this kolam is drawn with rice powder mixed in water and this type of kolams are called ezhai kolams which is another type used during auspicious occasions at homes.

The centre of such kolams and rangolis are decorated with flower. Traditionally people used pumpkin flowers to decorate. This is another area where your creativity can be used!

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