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Spray Painting

Spray Paintings

A painting technique which is prominently used for coating paint or varnish using a spraying gun is Spray Painting. This technique which was initially used for painting vehicles later on started being used to paint large surfaces such as hoardings and nowadays many artists use this form of painting to produce various art works.

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Spray paints are available in aerosol paint cans which have a nozzle through which the outflow and the thickness of the spray can be controlled.

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To ensure a seamless flow of the paint or any other coating substance, a proper control over the spraying gun is required. As we had seen earlier, air brushes which evolved from spray guns are used for detailed images.

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The first step for any painting is to ensure that the surface to be painted is uniform and paint scraps left over are removed usually with a sand paper. A primer is then applied and the painting surface is now ready. The required color paints in aerosol cans are kept ready and are used as required. Once the spraying is done over the entire surface, an electric fan could probably be used to ensure that the paint dries up in much lesser time. Just like any other polish, a clear coat is finally applied on top.

The above methodology is used while spray painting vehicles or such bodies. However, there are many art enthusiasts who use this painting technique to produce amazing landscape or any other design or image.

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It is a common sight to see street walls painted with random images and abstract figures. Most of these paintings are done by amateur artists using spray paints.

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The use of spray paints as we can see is greatly varied and is also a simpler painting technique.

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